Arizona Hired Guns
Southern Rock and Blues 

Band Biography

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We Love Southern Rock And Blues
The Arizona Hired Guns—freshly formed in Flagstaff, Arizona—is a five-piece outfit steeped in the rich harmonies and keen instrumentation of Southern rock ‘n’ roll and blues. Sporting decades of experience each, the Hired Guns blaze forth with each member exchanging growling vocals while blending their respective sounds on guitar, bass, drums and keys. The group leans heavily into soulful guitar, often punched up with weeping slide that groans like the old ponderosa pines that envelop Flagstaff. With an ever-tuned ear toward the blues and constant energy that whips the crowd into a dancing fever spiced with Southern soul, the Hired Guns are set apart in skill and style.
 Tommy Young – Guitars and Vocals
Tommy Young began his music career in Macon, Georgia, taking an interest in the local favorites, the Allman Brothers. Over the years, he practiced as a student of the turntable, enlisting the wax-backed legions of similar southern rock and blues artists to create his own self-taught style. Smooth, satisfying and played with the prowess of a lifelong musician, Young’s guitar work yields decades of experience as he plucks heart strings along with the soulful timbre of his Les Paul. Young has resided in Flagstaff, where he raised his son Trevor, since the early ’80s. Now he spends time with his granddaughter, Shayla, along with his partner, Susan.
Joe Kay – Keyboards, Vocals, Bass Guitar
Native-born and raised in the music scene of Los Angeles and Orange County, Joe Kay’s formal education started with woodwind instruments rooted in a mix of genres from classical to jazz. After adding guitar and keyboard to his repertoire, Kay bolstered his professional experience to include rock, disco, country—and always with the soul of the blues—while touring within various bands, setting up in nightclubs and concert venues, recording sessions and other events across southern California. As a permanent resident of Flagstaff, Kay has added his energetic on-stage presence to the local scene.
Frank Marbut – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Alabama grown—and proud to show it—Frank Marbut channeled his roots into the bass guitar as a teenager. Decades later, he has stayed true to his instrument and has developed a one-of-a-kind style honed within the many Southern rock outfits he’s played with ‘Bama and beyond. With an ear for the blues, Marbut found his influence in the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, B.B. King and Hank Williams—to name a few, but always with a focus on Americana. Marbut relocated to Flagstaff with his wife, Jamie, and daughter, Stephanie, just four years ago, and holds true that it was the best move they ever made.
Ray Pochatko – Drums and Vocals
Ray Pochatko’s storied roots in drums and percussion kicked off on the congas as a child as he eventually worked up to a full drum kit as a teenager. He has grown to keep an impeccable beat as the driving force behind the Arizona Hired Guns. With a skill set sharpened over time, Pochatko has backed many bands around the country from California to North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma and Arizona with his multi-genre style that expertly keeps time with the steady rhythm of the blues, improvisational jazz numbers and much more. Pochatko now resides in Williams, Arizona with his wife Jeanie.
Greg Dollerschell – Guitar and Vocals
Growing up the Chicago area steeped in jazz and blues, Greg Dollerschell set his music career off at an advantage catching countless live experiences from the Blues Greats themselves. Taking this influence to heart, Dollerschell developed his signature style with rhythm and flair, and an ear tuned to the Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton’s passion. He has worked since grade school to finely tune his soulful vocal instrument matched only by the sultry tones he coaxes from his guitar note for note or completely on the fly. His professional roster includes enlivening multiple jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and Chicago-style blues bands along with opening for numerous touring acts. His preferred equipment includes PRS and Hamer guitars, and the rich sound of Mesa Boogie amps. The father of three sons, Dollerschell relocated to Flagstaff a year and a half ago, and lives with his partner, Dawn. The local offerings won him over since he agrees with Hired Guns’ bassist, Frank Marbut: this is the best move he ever made.